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Date/Location Symposium Topic
June 20-23
Calabria, Italy

1993 Symposia

New Dimensions in North American-European Agricultural Trade Relations

Organizers: (co-sponsored with the University of Calabria, Italy, University of California-Davis, USDA/ERS, and National Research Council)

August 07-08
Annapolis, MD

1992 Symposia

Competitiveness in International Food Markets

August 01-02
Honolulu, HI

1990 Symposia

Agriculture and Trade in the Pacific: Toward the 21st Century

Organizers: (with financial support from the University of Hawaii)

July 07-08
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

1989 Symposia

New Developments in Trade Theory: Implications for Agricultural Trade Research

August 19-20
Annapolis, MD

1988 Symposia

Bringing Agriculture Into the GATT

July 31-01
Dearborn, MI

1987 Symposia

Elasticities in International Agricultural Trade

July 23-26
Tahoe City, CA

1986 Symposia

Agriculture, Macroeconomics, and the Exchange Rate