Organizers: Phil Martin and Linda Young

“Labor Markets in a Global Economy”
January 7-9, 2008
Washington, DC

Organizers: Phil Martin (University of California, Davis) and Linda Young (Montana State University)

Note: Links are to power-point presentations only – full papers not available.

Global Migration: An Overview of the Issues (pdf)
Philip Martin

U.S. Immigration Trends: A Focus on Agriculture and California (pdf)
Jeff Passel

Rural Hispanic Population Growth: Industrial Restructuring and the Changing Low-Skilled Labor Force (pdf)
William Kandel

The Labor Market Impact of Immigration (pdf)
George Borjas

Trade and Migration: NAFTA and CAFTA (pdf)
Raymond Robertson

Development Implications of Immigration and Remittances: the International Remittances Agenda (pdf)
Dilip Ratha

Immigration and Spanish Agriculture (pdf)
Joaquin Arango