Organizers: Jo Swinnen and Thomas Heckelei

“Private Standards and Non-Tariff Barriers: Measurement, Impacts and Legal Issues”
December 13-15, 2009
Fort Myers, Florida

Organizers: Jo Swinnen (Katholieke Universiteit-Leuven) and Thomas Heckelei (University of Bonn)

Special Issue of World Trade Review (pdf)

Private Standards and Non-Tariff Barriers: Measurement, Impacts and Legal Issues

Institutions and Policies to Manage Global Market Risks and Price Spikes in Basic Food Commodities

Public Support for Agriculture: Measurement and Impacts

  • Negative Elements in the Aggregate Measurement of Support: Meaning and Consequences (pdf)
    Lars Brink
  • The Law of One Price, Structural Change and Agricultural Market Integration in the European Union: A Multi-Market Approach
    J. Stephen Clark, Lubos Smutka, Mansoor Maitah, Petr Prochazka, and Shelley J. Thompson
  • The Impact of Trade Barriers on Mandated Biofuel Consumption in Canada
    Danny Le Roy, Amani E. Elobeid, and Kurt Klein

Modeling Issues and Empirical Studies

Food Safety, Disease Outbreaks and Trade: Understanding Impacts of SPS Measures in the Meat Sector

Measuring Market Impacts of SPS Measures

Country-Level Analyses: Poverty Dynamics, Preferences and Biofuels

Technology, Productivity Growth and Prices

WTO Disciplines on Domestic Support and Market Access

Institutions, Market Concentration, and Trade Patterns

Country Analyses – Focus on China

Research Results from the Hewlett/IATRC Capacity Building Program

  • Distortions to Incentives to Production of Major Crops in Pakistan: 1991-2008
    Abdul Salam
  • A Linkage Between Tariffs & Administration Methods Under Tariff-rate Quota System
    Song-Soo Lim
  • The Export-Production Decision of Chilean Farmers: The Case of Blueberry Producers
    Rodrigo Echeverría, Munisamy Gopinath,Victor Moreira and Pedro Cortés
  • Poverty Impacts of Trade Integration with the EU: Lessons for Ecuador
    Sara Wong, and Veronika Kulmer

Dissertation Reports

Priorities for Research in Agricultural Trade: Perspectives from Granting Agencies