Organizers: Philip Abbott, Neil Conklin, Pierre Charlebois and Won Koo (Co-sponsored by the Farm Foundation and the Center for Agricultural Policy and Trade Studies)

June 22-23, 2009
Seattle, Washington

“Confronting Food Price Inflation: Implications for Agricultural Trade and Policies”
Organizers: Philip Abbott, Neil Conklin, Pierre Charlebois and Won Koo

Program agenda (pdf)


Adding Imports to Producer Price Measures for Food (pdf)
Alberto Jerardo, Economic Research Service, USDA

Agricultural Development at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (pdf)
Greg Traxler

Analyzing Factors Affecting U.S. Food Price Inflation (pdf)
Jungho Baek and Won W. Koo

Asynchronous Approvals of GM Products, Price Inflation, and the Codex Annex: What Low Level Presence Policy for APEC Countries? (pdf)
Guillaume P. Gruere

Confronting the Food Price Challenge (pdf)
Joachim von Braun

Devil or Angel? The Role of Speculation in the Recent Commodity Price Boom (and Bust) (pdf)
Scott H. Irwin, Dwight R. Sanders, and Robert P. Merrin

Effects of Foreign Tariffs and TRQ’s on U.S. Food and Agricultural Exports (pdf)
Marinos Tsigas, Office of Economics, U.S. International Trade Commission

The Energy/non-Energy Commodity Price Link (pdf)
John Baffes, World Bank and Tassos Haniotis, European Commission

Food Insecurity and Other Economic Development Challenges Facing African Countries: Are They Caused Only by Commodity Price Volatility? (pdf)
William A. Amponsah

Food Price Crisis: Welfare Impact on Mexican Households (pdf)
Benjamin Wood, Carl Nelson and Lia Nogueira, University of Illinois

Food Price Inflation in Livestock Product Markets: From the Live Animal to Retail Prices (pdf)
David P. Anderson and John D. Anderson

Food Prices and Trade Boom, Bust and Beyond (pdf)
Wyatt Thompson and Patrick Westhoff

Global Agricultural Market Trends Revisited: The Roles of Energy Prices and Biofuel Production (pdf)
Harald von Witzke, Gerald Schwarz and Steffen Noleppa, Humboldt University of Berlin

How Much and How Quick? Pass-through of Commodity and Input Cost Changes to U.S. Retail Food Prices (pdf)
Ephraim Leibtag

Impact of Exports Liberalization and Specialization in Cash Crop: What are the Expected Gains for Vietnamese Households? (pdf)
Barbara Coello, Paris School of Economics, INRA

The Long-Run Impact of Energy Prices on World Agricultural Markets: The Role of Macro-economic Linkages (pdf)
Fran├žois Chantret and Alexandre Gohin, INRA

Meeting the Demand for Food: Prices or Productivity (pdf)
Will Martin and Maros Ivanic

The OECD-FAO Agricultural Outlook Global Trends in Commodity Markets (pdf)
Pavel Vavra

Policy Options Panel Discussion (pdf)
Tassos Haniotis

Prospects for Food Commodity Prices (pdf)
Sally Thompson (with assistance from Ron Trostle)

Recent Global Food Price Shocks: Causes, Consequences and Lessons for African Governments and Donors (pdf)
Philip Abbott and Adeline Borot de Battisti

Rising Food Prices and Undernourishment: A Cross-Country Inquiry (pdf)
Gustavo Anriquez, Silvio Daidone, and Erdgin Mane

Simulating Policy Responses to the Food Security Crisis: Nature and Relative Impacts of Various Instruments (pdf)
Holger Matthey

Trade Linkages and Terminal Markets (pdf)
Bruce Phillips and Sean Cahill