Organizers: Theme Day Organizer: Will Martin, The World Bank Non-Theme Day Organizer: P. Lynn Kennedy, Louisiana State University

“Agricultural Price Volatility, Trade Policy and Food Security in Developing Countries”
December 11-13, 2011
St. Petersburg, Florida

Theme-Day Presentations: “Agricultural Price Volatility, Trade Policy and Food Security in Developing Countries”
Theme Day Organizer: Will Martin (The World Bank)

Non-Theme Day Paper Presentations
Non-Theme Day Organizer: P. Lynn Kennedy (Louisiana State University)

NTMs, Agricultural and Food Trade, and Competitiveness: Findings from the NTM-IMPACT Project
Organizers: Christine Wieck and David Orden

Trade Modeling

  • Choosing the Best Model in the Presence of Zero Trade: A Fish Product Analysis
    Nhuong Tran and Norbert L. Wilson
  • Evolution of Vertical Intra-Industry Trade (VIIT) in Agricultural Commodities
    Hanho Kim and Ken’ichiro Nishitsuji
  • Costs of Starting to Trade and Costs of Continuing to Trade
    Mark J. Gibson and Tim A. Graciano

Trade Agreements

  • Regionalism versus Multilateralism: An Assessment of the European Union Trade Policy
    Alessandro Antimiani and Luca Salvatici
  • Regional Trade Agreements Revisited: The Irrefutable Benefits of “Deep” Integration
    Jason H. Grant
  • The Impact of Free Trade Agreements on Trade of Selected Agricultural Products
    John Wainio, John Dyck, Agapi Somwaru, and John Duff

Domestic Support Measurement and WTO Discipline Issues
Organizer: Anne Effland

Trade Agreements and Policy Analysis

Non-Tariff Trade Barriers

  • Phytosanitary Treatments and International Trade: An Empirical Investigation of US Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Imports
    Everett Peterson, Jason Grant, Donna Roberts, and Vuko Karov
  • Disentangling the Demand-Enhancing Effect and Trade-Cost Effect of Technical Measures in Agricultural Trade Among OECD Countries
    Bo Xiong and John Beghin
  • Trigger Points of the Special Safeguard Mechanism
    Peyton M. Ferrier and Amanda M. Leister

Trade Modeling

Trade and Competitiveness

Trade and Domestic Policy Analysis

NTM-IMPACT Case Study Session
Organizers: Christine Wieck and David Orden

Food Price Volatility

International Price Transmission Issues

  • International Price Transmission in CGE Models: How to Reconcile Econometric Evidence and Endogenous Model Response?
    Khalid Siddig and Harald Grethe
  • Price Volatility Spill-over in a Customs Union: A Case Study of the South African Customs Union (SACU)
    Rakhal Sarker and Olubukola A. Oyewumi
  • Food Security and Wheat Prices in Afghanistan: A Distribution-Sensitive Analysis of Household-level Impacts
    Anna D’Souza and Dean Jolliffe

Climate Policy and Trade

Food Price Volatility

  • Responding to More Volatile Global Food Prices in a New Era (pdf) / slides (pdf)
    Robert Townsend, Christopher Delgado, Sergiy Zorya, Iride Ceddacci, Saswati Bora, and Mateo Ambrosio
  • How Thinly Traded are Agricultural Products and is this Related to their Price Volatility?
    Peter S. Liapis
  • Did the Higher Food Prices Adversely Affect Food Security?
    Stacey Rosen and Shahla Shapouri

Trade and Developing Country Issues

  • Using Self Determination Theory to Assess Market Interactions: Small Agricultural Exporters in Bolivia, Ecuador and Peru
    Linda M. Young and Theresa Bushman
  • The Effects of Agricultural Commercialization on Household Food Security in Rural China
    Kathy Baylis, Lia Nogueira and Linlin Fan
  • Agricultural Commercialization, Rising Food Prices and Stunting in Malawi
    Benjamin D. Wood
  • Dissertation Report: The Impact of Historical and Regional Networks on Trade Volumes in the Western Hemisphere: A Gravity Model Analysis
    H. Mikael Sandberg, Univ of Florida (James Seale, PhD Advisor)

The Implications of Biofuel Policies for Grain Commodity Prices and WTO Disciplines

  • The Theory of Biofuel Policy and Food Grain Prices
    Dusan Drabik, and David R. Just
  • Ethanol Subsidies and WTO Disciplines
    Harry de Gorter and Erika M. Kliauga
    Discussant: Tim Josling

International Price Transmission Issues

  • International Price Transmission: A Case Study of Corn Price Relationships Between the United States and African Markets
    Paul Gallagher and Amelia Fischer
  • How Far Do Shocks Move Across Borders? Examining Volatility Transmission in Major Agricultural Futures Markets
    Manuel A. Hernandez, Raul Ibarra, and Canilo R. Trupkin
  • Policy Responses to the 2007-2008 Food Price Swing and the Impact on Domestic Prices Case Study: Ecuador
    Sara A. Wong