Organizers: Barry Goodwin, North Carolina State University; Steven Zahniser, ERS, USDA; and Marinos Tsigas, US International Trade Commission

Theme-Day Paper Presentations: “Employment, Immigration, and Trade”

Trade, Growth, and Labor Markets

Panel: Farmworkers and Florida Agriculture

  • Immigration Reform and Agriculture
    Peter Feather (USDA, Office the Chief Economist)
    Mike Carlton (Florida Fruit and Vegetable Association)
    Tirso Moreno (Farmworker Association of Florida, Inc.)

Luncheon Address

Research Panel

Non-Theme Day Paper Presentations
Non-Theme Day Organizer: Jonathan Coleman (US International Trade Commission)

Session 01: Price Relationships in Agricultural Markets

  • Global Crude to Local Food: An Empirical Study of Global Oil Price Pass-through to Maize Prices in East Africa
    Brian Dillon (Univ of Washington) and Christopher Barrett (Cornell University)
  • Pricing Information Network of Fruit and Vegetable Markets of Mexico and the United States
    Juana Astorga, Belem Avendaño, and Ana Acosta (la Univ Autónoma de Baja California, Mexico)
  • Price Dynamics on Agricultural Futures Markets with Heterogeneous Traders
    Stephanie Grosche and Thomas Heckelei (Univ of Bonn)
  • A Decade of Agricultural Price Volatility: Assessing the Evidence
    John Baffes (The World Bank)
  • Early Warnings in Mitigating the Global Effects of El Niño Southern Oscillation
    Nelson Villoria (Purdue Univ), and David Ubilava (Univ of Sydney)

Session 02: Perspectives on Trade Agreements and Negotiations

  • How Will the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) Affect U.S. Meat Exports to Japan?
    Andrew Muhammad and Keithly Jones (USDA, Economic Research Service)
  • Canadian Agriculture and the TPP
    Rick Barichello (Univ of British Columbia)
  • A Decade of Regionalism (2001-2010): A Comprehensive Picture
    Jean-Christophe Bureau (Institut National de Recherche Agronomique), Houssein Guimbard, CEPII, France), and Sébastien Jean (Institut National de Recherche Agronomique)
  • Growing Places: An Empirical Assessment of the Economic Influence of Plant Variety Protection in the TRIPS Era
    Douglas Lippoldt (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development)

Session 03: Trade and Productivity in Food and Agriculture: A Discussion of the Old and the New

Session 04: The Continuing Role of Biofuel Policies on World Food Commodity Prices and International Trade

  • The Impact of the Blend Wall and RIN Prices on Prices and International Trade
    David R. Just and Justin Shepard (Cornell University)
  • How Brazil’s Ethanol and Fuel Prices Affect World Food Commodity Prices?
    Dusan Drabik (Institute for Prospective Technological Studies (JRC, EC, Seville, Spain and LICOS – Centre for Institutions and Economic Performance KU Leuven, Belgium)
  • Brazilian Renewable Energy Trade: Determinants and Perspectives of International Negotiation
    Sílvia Miranda, Michel Augusto Santana da Paixão, and David Henrique Teixeira da Costa (Univ of São Paulo)

Session 05: Policy and Regulation in Agricultural Markets

  • A New Market for an Old Food: The US Demand for Olive Oil
    Bo Xiong, William Matthews, and Daniel Sumner (Univ of California, Davis)
  • Policy Space in Agriculture Under the WTO Rules on Domestic Support
    Lars Brink, (Independent Advisor, Canada)
  • A Decade of Agricultural Price Volatility: Assessing the Policy Responses
    Tassos Haniotis (European Commission) and John Baffes (The World Bank)

Session 06: Selected Dissertation Reports

Session 07: U.S. Looks East and West for New Trade Deals

  • The Importance of Tariff Rate Quotas in U.S.-EU Trade
    Katherine Baldwin (USITC) and John Wainio (USDA, Economic Research Service)
  • Assessing Non-Tariff Measures in U.S.-E.U. Agricultural Trade
    Shawn Arita, Lorraine Mitchell and Jayson Beckman (USDA, Economic Research Service)
  • CGE Analysis of TPP Market Access Reforms in Agriculture
    Mary Burfisher (USDA, Economic Research Service)
  • Agricultural Trade Costs in the EU and TPP Markets: There’s Plenty of Room for Negotiation
    Jason H. Grant (Virginia Tech) and Kathryn Boys (Virginia Tech)
  • Tariff Liberalization and Agriculture in the Trans-Pacific Partnership Region
    Mary Burfisher, John Dyck, Birgit Meade, Lorraine Mitchell, John Wainio, Steven Zahniser, Shawn Arita, and Jayson Beckman (USDA, Economic Research Service)

Session 08: The Future of Kazakhstan, Russia, and Ukraine in Global Grain Trade

Session 09: Estimating Trade Models in Agriculture

Session 10: Factors in Export Competitiveness

Session 11: Analysis on Food Consumption Patterns

  • Household Composition, Income, and Food Away from Home Consumption in Urban China
    Haiyan Liu, Thomas Wahl (North Dakota State Univ), James Seale (Univ of Florida), and Junfei Bai (Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing)
  • The Influence of Food Dining Location on Body Mass Index in Urban China
    Haiyan Liu and Thomas Wahl (North Dakota State Univ), James Seale (Univ of Florida), and Junfei Bai (Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing)
  • Testing Home Market Effect in the Inter-Regional Trade of Korea
    Hanho Kim (Seoul National Univ, Korea)
  • Determinants of Household Food Insecurity in Mexico
    David Magnaña-Lemus (Banco de México, Funds Instituted in Relation to Agriculture – FIRA), Ariun Ishdorj and C. Parr Rosson, III (Texas A&M Univ)