Organizers: Ian Sheldon (Ohio State University) and Steven McCorriston (Exeter University)

Theme-Day Paper Presentations: "Food and Resources: Conflict and Trade"
Theme Day Organizers: Ian Sheldon (Ohio State University) and Steven McCorriston (Exeter University)

Non-Theme Day Paper Presentations
Non-Theme Day Organizer: Jonathan Coleman (US International Trade Commission)

Session 01 Impact of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership on Global Agricultural Trade

  • Examining the Impact of Non-Tariff Measures Applied on U.S. Exports of Beef to the European Union
    Jayson Beckman, Shawn Arita, Lorraine Mitchell, and Mary Burfisher (ERS, USDA)
  • The Impact of an EU-US TTIP Agreement on Biofuel and Feedstock Markets
    John Beghin (Iowa State University), Jean-Christophe Bureau (AgroParisTech), and Alex Gohin (INRA)
  • Latin American Agriculture in a World of Trade Agreements
    Tim Josling (Stanford University), Mechel Paggi (Fresno State University), John Wainio (ERS, USDA), and Fumiko Yamazaki (Fresno State University)
  • Knocking on TTIP’s Door: the Agricultural and Food Issues Facing European Countries Excluded from the TTIP Negotiations
    David Bullock (Univ of Illinois), Tim Josling (Stanford University), Stefan Mann (Swiss Federal Research Station Agroscope), and Klaus Mittenzwei (Norwegian Institute for Agricultural Economics Research)

Session 02 Public Policies and Market Dynamics in Africa

Session 03: The 2014 Farm Bill: Implications for U.S. Trade Relations

Session 04: Food Safety Regulations and Trade

  • Technical Barriers to Trade: Effect on Revenue and Surplus
    Lia Nogueira (Univ of Nebraska), Hayley Chouinard (Washington State University), Thomas Marsh (Washington State University), and Christine Wieck (Univ of Bonn)
  • Food Safety as a Trade Regulation. A View from México
    Belem Avendaño Ruiz (Universidad Autónoma de Baja California, México)
  • Evaluating the Stringency of Maximum Residue Limits for Fresh Fruit and Vegetables
    Everett Peterson, Jason Grant, Mina Hejazi (Virginia Tech) and Kurt Klein (University of Lethbridge)
  • Prospects of Regulatory Cooperation on Agri-food Standards between EU and U.S.: A Discussion of Potential Cost, Benefits and Consequences of Different Cooperation Strategies
    Christine Wieck (Univ Bonn) and Bettina Rudloff (German Institute for Int’l and Security Affairs)
  • Options for Canada’s Dairy Sector: The Potential For Exports
    Rick Barichello, Michael Grant, Mark Liew (Univ of British Columbia)

Session 05: Food Security and Development Assistance

Session 06: Selected Dissertation Reports

Session 07: Effect of Non-Tariff Measures on Trade

  • A Consistent Food Demand Framework for International Food Security Assessment
    John Beghin (Iowa State University), Birgit Meade, and Stacey Rosen (ERS, USDA)
  • Russia’s Food Imports After the Ban: Trade Diversion Effects
    Ekaterina Krivonos (FAO)
  • Poverty and Income Distribution Implications of Philippine Rice Policies
    Caesar Cororaton (Virginia Tech)
  • Farm Household Type and Adjustment Pattern in Korea
    Eun-young Bae and Hanho Kim (Seoul National University)

Session 08: Technology, Productivity, and Agricultural Trade

  • Agricultural Trade Patterns under Heterogeneous Productivity, Endowments and Policies
    Kari Heerman and Stephanie Riche (ERS, USDA)
  • Efficiency, Technical and Productivity Change in Brazilian Agriculture: Regional Analysis
    Saleem Shaik (Univ. of North Dakota), Silvia Miranda (Univ of São Paulo), Dragan Milijkovic (Univ. of North Dakota)
  • Global Land Use Effects of Technological Progress in Agriculture
    Nelson Villoria and Thomas Hertel (Purdue University)
  • Do Multinational Retailers Affect the Export Competitiveness of their Host Countries?
    Angela Cheptea (INRA, France and IAW, Tuebingen, Germany)

Session 09: Price Analysis in Global Commodity Markets

Session 10: Analytical Dimensions of Trade Modeling

Session 11: Greenhouse Gas Policy and Trade

  • Policies for Greenhouse Gas Mitigation in European Agriculture and International Trade
    David Blandford (Penn State), Ivar Gaasland (Univ of Bergen), Katharina Hassapoyannes (formerly European Parliament) and Erling Vårdal (Univ of Bergen)
  • The RFS Going Forward: The Effects of Alternative Methods to Determine Renewable Fuel Volume Requirements
    Jarrett Whistance, Seth Meyer, and Wyatt Thompson (FAPRI, Univ of Missouri)
  • Interactions of California’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard and the National Renewable Fuel Standard
    Jarrett Whistance, Seth Meyer, and Wyatt Thompson (FAPRI, Univ of Missouri)

Session 12: Trade Effects of Regional Trade Agreements

Session 13: Effects of Commodity Taxes and Special Safeguards

  • The Economics of Duty and Excise Tax Drawbacks for Wine
    Georgi Gabrielyan and Daniel Sumner (Univ of California, Davis)
  • The Feasibility of Taxing Global Sugar-Sweetened Beverage Consumption
    Andrew Muhammad, Kari Heerman (ERS, USDA), and Dariush Mozaffarian (Tufts University)
  • An Evaluation of the Use of Special Safeguard Tariffs (SSG) for Sugar and the Impacts on the Brazilian Economy
    Cinthia Cabral da Costa (EMBRAPA, Brazil), Heloisa Burnquist, Joaquim Guilhoto (Univ of São Paulo)
  • China’s Urban Alcoholic Beverage Consumption: Regional Differences
    Xaiotian Wu, Thomas Wahl, (North Dakota University), James Seale, Jr. (Univ of Florida), and Junfei Bai (China Agricultural University)

Session 14: Global Value Chains in Agriculture