Organizers: Antoine Bouët, International Food Policy Research Institute

Theme Day Paper Presentations:  “Trade and Societal Well-Being”

Theme Day Organizer:  Antoine Bouét (IFPRI and University of Bordeaux)

Non Theme Day Paper Presentations

Non Theme Day Organizer:  Jonathan Coleman (U.S. International Trade Commission)

Session 01: IATRC Commissioned Papers

Session 02: Effects of SPS Regulations on Production and Trade

Session 03: Policy in Agricultural Input Markets and Trade

  • Investment and Input Subsidies: A Growing Category of Farm Support Exempted from WTO Limits
    Lars Brink (Independent Advisor)
  • The Determinants of Chinese Outward Direct Investment in the Agrifood Industry
    Ivan Kandilov and Kathryn Boys (North Carolina State University)
  • Welfare Effects of Reduced Undocumented Labor in the U.S. Produce Sector: A Factor Trade Model of Immigrant Workers
    Gülcan Önel and Andrew Schmitz (University of Florida)
  • Political and Public Will for the Adoption of Climate-Smart Agriculture Practices in Uganda
    Eric D. Raile, Linda M. Young, Amber N. W. Raile (Montana State University), Jackline Bonabana-Wabbi, Julian Kirinya (Makerere University, Uganda), and Lori Ann Post (Yale University)

Session 04: Analytical Dimensions of Trade Modeling

Session 05: Selected Dissertation Reports

Session 06: Analysis of the Impacts of EU-Russian Trade Disruptions on the EU and Neighbood Countries

  • Global Economic Impacts of Russian Restrictions on Food Imports
    Alla Golub and Badri Narayanan (Purdue University)
  • The Russian Ban on EU Agricultural Imports: What we Learned from a Model Based Assessment
    Koen Dillen (DG Agriculture, European Commission)
  • Trade Diversion and High Food Prices – The Impact of the Russian Pig Meat Import Ban
    Ivan Djuric, Linde Götz, and Thomas Glauben (Leibniz Institute of Agricultural Development in Transition Economies, Denmark)
  • Export of Dairy Products to the Russian Federation: Opportunity and Challenge for Serbian Producers
    Jovana Raickovic (Consultant in Agricultural Economics, Novi Sad, Serbia)

Session 07: Trade Effects of Regional Trade Agreement

Session 08: Price Relationship in Agricultural Markets

  • Impacts of Corn Price and Imported Beef Price on Domestic Beef Price in South Korea
    GwanSeon Kim and Mark Tyler (University of Kentucky)
  • Analysing Market Integration: An Alternative Approach for Weak Data
    Martijn Kind, Cornelis Gardebroek, and Rico Ihle (Wageningen University)
  • Regional Price Transmission in Southern African Maize Markets
    Tracy Davids (Bureau for Food and Agricultural Policy, South Africa), Kateryna Schroeder (FAPRI), and Ferdinand Meyer (Bureau for Food and Agricultural Policy, South Africa)
  • The Case of Stochastic Analysis in Applied Trade Analysis: An Application with the Aglink-Cosimo Model
    Koen Dillen, Sergio Rene Araujo Enciso, Ignacio Perez Dominguez (European Commission)

Session 09: Progress Report on Handbook of International Food and Agricultural Policies

Session 10: Analysis of Food Consumption Patterns

Session 11: Factors in Agricultural Export Competitiveness and Foreign Investment

  • The Determinants of Cognac Exports
    Antoine Bouët (University of Bordeaux and International Food Policy Research Institute), Charlotte Emlingery (CEPII), and Viola Lamaniz (University of Bordeaux)
  • Survival of the Fittest: Export Duration in U.S. Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Markets
    Everett Peterson (Virginia Tech), Jason Grant (Virginia Tech), and Jeta Rudi (University of Minnesota)
  • Export Growth Effects of Foreign Tariff Reduction in the Korean Food Processing and Manufacturing Industry
    Hyesun Jung, Jae-Kyung Kim (Korea International Trade Association), and Hanho Kim (Seoul National University)