Organizers: Kari Heerman (USDA-ERS) and Wyatt Thompson (University of Missouri)

The International Agricultural Trade Research Consortium  gratefully acknowledges the continuing support of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, the USDA Economic Research Service, the USDA Foreign Agricultural Service, and the USDA Office of the Chief Economist.  Additional support for this meeting was provided by the Andersons Program in International Trade, Ohio State University.

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Theme Day Paper Presentations:  “Globalization Adrift”
Theme Day Organizers:  Kari Heerman (USDA-ERS) and Wyatt Thompson (University of Missouri)

Non-Theme Day Paper Presentations
Non-Theme Day Organizer:  Jonathan Coleman (U.S. International Trade Commission)

Session 01 Domestic Farm Policies and WTO: Where Next?

Organizers: Ekaterina Krivonos (UN-FAO), Joe Glauber (IFPRI), and William Meyers (University of Missouri)
Discussion Opener: Kim Elliot (Center for Global Development)
Discussion Leader:  Tom Josling (Stanford University)

  • A Perspective from the EU
    Tassos Haniotis (European Commission)
  • A Perspective from the United States
    Jason Hafemeister (USDA, Trade and Foreign Agricultural Affairs)
  • Food Security Perspective
    Ekaterina Krivonos (UN-FAO)
  • The Influence of WTO Dispute Settlement vs. Negotiations
    Daniel Sumner (University of California Davis)
  • Impacts of Proposed Domestic Support Disciplines on Developing Countries
    Valeria Piniero (IFPRI)

Session 02 Non-Tariff Measures and Agricultural Trade: Challenges, Emerging Issues, and Prospects for Future Research
Organizers: Lesley Ahmed (U.S. International Trade Commission) and Andrew Muhammad (USDA, Economic Research Service)

  • Emerging Foreign Regulatory Policies Affecting Agricultural Trade: Perspectives from USDA
    Andrew Stephens (USDA, Economic Research Service)
  • SPS Measures and Export Hazard Rates: A Comprehensive Assessment of U.S. and Global Agricultural Trade
    Shawn Arita (USDA, Economic Research Service), Jason Grant (Virginia Tech), and Everett Peterson (Virginia Tech)
  • The Gravity of SPS Risk
    Peter Herman, Lesley Ahmed, Caroline Peters, and David Riker (U.S. International Trade Commission)
  • China is Rejecting Imported Foods: New Trade Barriers?
    Fred Gale and Shawn Arita (USDA, Economic Research Service)

Session 03 Price Analysis in Global Commodity Markets

  • The Effect of Trade Shocks on U.S. Distillers’ Grains Prices
    Lia Nogueira, Vanessa de Oliveira and Kate Brooks (University of Nebraska)
  • The Transmission of World Pulses Prices to Domestic Markets in India: An Analysis at the Port Level
    Poornima Varma and Sonali Bhatia (Indian Institute of Management, Gujarat, India)
  • Sources of Domestic Food Price Volatility: An Empirical Investigation Using Structual Gravity of Maize Markets
    Nelson Villoria (Kansas State University)
  • Wheat Price Formation in the Black Sea Region: the Role of Egypt’s GASC
    Maximilian Heigermoser, Linde Goetz, Miranda Svanidze, and Thomas Glauben (IAMO Germany)
  • Interdependent Price Dynamics between Cash Crop and Staple Food Futures
    El Mamoun Amrouk, Stephanie Grosche, and Thomas Heckelei (University of Bonn, Germany)

Session 04 Policy and Regulation in Agricultural Markets

  • On the EU Entry Price System for Fruit and Vegetables: Overall Assessment of its Effects on Trade
    Fabio Gaetano (University of Foggia), Victor Martinez-Gomez (University of Valencia), Laura Marquez-Ramos (University of Valencia), and Emilia Lamonaca (University of Foggia)
  • Responses of the Brazilian Soybean Sector to Public and Private Environmental Requirements
    Aline Soares and Silvia de Miranda (University of Sao Paulo)
  • State Trade Deregulation and Cropping Patterns on the Canadian Prairies
    Colin Carter (University of California Davis) and Shon Ferguson (Research Institute of Industrial Economics, Stockholm)
  • Agricultural Trade Reform, Reallocation and Technical Change: Evidence from the Canadian Prairies
    Mark Brown (Statistics Canada), Shon Ferguson (Research Institute of Industrial Economics, Stockholm), and Crina Viju (Carleton University, Canada)

Session 05 Analysis of Exports in Agricultural Markets

  • Exporter Experience and Sequential Trade in the International Coffee Market
    Sven Anders (University of Alberta)
  • Export Interventions in Agriculture
    Angel Aguiar (Purdue University), Jayson Beckman (USDA, Economic Research Service), and Carmen Estrades (Universidad de la Republica, Uruguay)
  • Destination-Specific Export Competitiveness of the Hog Sector in Canada
    Rakhal Sarker and Yuxi (Joy) Li (University of Guelph)

Session 06 IATRC Commissioned Papers and Dissertation Reports

Session 07 Analysis of Agricultural Trade Agreements and Policy

Session 08 Firm Heterogeneity, Productivity, and Trade Costs

Session 09 Effects of Non-Tariff Measures on Trade

Session 10 Analysis for Agricultural Consumption and Trade in China

Session 11 Development Assistance and Public Storage

Session 12 Agricultural Trade WTO Disputes between the United States and China: Broiler Duties, Domestic Support and TRQ Administration
Organizers: David Orden (Virginia Tech), Lars Brink (Independent Advisor), and Mary Marchant (Virginia Tech)

Session 13 Drift in the U.S. Agricultural Export Market
Organizer: Deepayan Debnath (University of Missouri)

Session 14 Perspectives on Current Issues in Trade Negotiations

Session 15 25 Years of Transition in Europe and Central Asia: A Diversity of Success and Failure in Globalization
Organizer:  William Meyers (University of Missouri)
Discussant:  Lars Brink (Independent Advisor)

Session 16 GE Gravity: A New Approach to General Equilibrium Modeling for Applied Policy Analysis
Organizer:  Kari Heerman (USDA, Economic Research Service)

Session 17 Labor and Land Use

  • International Trade and Global Land Use Patterns
    Anupa Sharma (North Dakota State University) and Sandip Ghimire (Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada)
  • The Crucial Role of International Trade in Adaptation to Climate Change
    Christophe Gouel (INRA, France) and David Laborde (IFPRI)
  • The Impact of Internal Migration on the Health of Rural Migrants: Evidence from China
    Haiyang Lu (Fujian University), Ivan Kandilov (North Dakota State University), Rong Zhu (Flinders University), and Yifang Zheng (Fujian University)