Organizers: Titus Awokuse and Thomas Reardon (Michigan State University)

The International Agricultural Trade Research Consortium  gratefully acknowledges the continuing support of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, the USDA Economic Research Service, the USDA Foreign Agricultural Service, and the USDA Office of the Chief Economist.

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Theme Day Paper Presentations:  “Interlinkages among Global Value Chains, Trade, and the Transformation of the Agrifood Industry”
Theme Day Organizers:  Titus Awokuse and Thomas Reardon (Michigan State University)

Non-Theme Day Paper Presentations
Non-Theme Day Organizer:  Jonathan Coleman (U.S. International Trade Commission)

Session 01 Effects of Trade Disputes and Restrictions

Session 02  Standards, Certification, and Regulation

  • Sustainabiliy Certifications and Transformation of the Indonesian Coffee Industry
    Bustanul Arifin (University of Lampung, Indonesia); Meine van Noordwijk (Bogor and Wageningen University, Netherlands); Pieter Glasbergen (Maastrict University, Netherlands); Muhammad Ibnu (University of Lampung, Indonesia); and Esther Astuti (Institute for Development of Economics and Finance, Indonesia)
  • Moving Beyond Transgenic Technology – Trade Implications of Scientific Advances Based on Genomics
    William Kerr (University of Saskatchewan)
  • Sanitary and Phytosanitary Standards Capacity Development Activities and Agri-Food Exports from African Countries: An Assessment Regarding Scope, Targeting and Efficiency
    Christine Wieck (University of Hohenheim)
  • Economic Analysis of Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza Outbreaks and Policy Measures to Reduce Risk Along the Livestock and Feed Value Chain
    Tyler Cozzens and Justin Choe (USDA, Foreign Agricultural Service)

Session 03 Regional and Free Trade Agreements

Session 04 Policy and Regulation in Agricultural Markets

Session 05  Perspectives on Organic Agricultural Trade
Organizer and Moderator: Sabina Neumann (U.S. International Trade Commission)

  • Organic Market Data Sources and Insights
    Bryce Cooke (USDA, Economic Research Service)
  • U.S. Organic Trade Overview
    Sabina Neumann (U.S. International Trade Commission)
  • The Landscape of Organics in Canada
    Jill Guerra (Canada Organic Trade Association)

Session 06  Model Applications for Trade Analysis

Session 07  Plenary Panel Discussion:  Responding to Policy Challenges in the Global Food and Agricultural System
Organizers:  Jason Grant (Virginia Tech), Thomas Heckelei (University of Bonn), and Kari Heerman (USDA, Economic Research Service)
Moderator:  Kari Heerman (USDA, Economic Research Service)
Discussants:  Lars Brink (Independent Advisor), Andrew Muhammad (University of Tennessee), Steve Neff (USDA, Foreign Agricultural Service), Jason Grant (Virginia Tech), Kathy Baylis (University of Illinois), and William Kerr (University of Saskatchewan)

Session 08 Analysis in Global Commodity Markets

  • U.S. Dairy, Policy and Exports and Vulnerability to Export Disruptions
    Daniel Sumner (University of California Davis)
  • Price Instability and Trade
    Andrew Schmitz (University of Florida)
  • Classified Pricing and Revenue Pooling: Exploring a Gap in Understanding Domestic Support and Export Competition
    Al Mussell and Douglas Hedley (Agri-Food Economic Systems)
  • A Quantitative Analysis of the Importance of Currency Competitiveness for U.S. Agricultural Trade
    Kari Heerman, Getachew Nigatu, and Bryce Cooke (USDA, Economic Research Service)

Session 09 Income Inequality and Food Security

Session 10  Challenges in Modeling and Analysis of Fruit and Vegetable Markets and Trade
Organizer and Moderator: William Meyers (University of Missouri)

  • The Impact of Policy Uncertainty on South Africa’s Growing High-Value Export Crops
    Tracy David, Ferdi Meyer (University of Pretoria) and Johann Boonzaaier (University of Stellenbosch)
  • Economic Impacts of U.S. Imports of Fresh Produce from Mexico by 2025
    Flynn Adcock (Texas A&M University)
  • Fruits and Vegetables Model with an exercise in unintended consequences
    Hoa Hoang and Wyatt Thompson (University of Missouri)

Session 11 Effects of Domestic Policy on Trade