Organizers: Fabio Santeramo (University of Foggia, Italy), Dragan Miljkovic (North Dakota State University, USA), and Emanuele Ferrari (European Commission, Spain)

The International Agricultural Trade Research Consortium gratefully acknowledges the continuing support of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, the USDA Economic Research Service, the USDA Foreign Agricultural Service, and the USDA Office of Chief Economist.

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Plenary Presentations Around the Theme: “Trading for Good – Agricultural Trade in the Context of Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation: Synergies, Obstacles and Possible Solutions”
Organizers: Fabio Santeramo (University of Foggia, Italy), Dragan Miljkovic (North Dakota State University, USA), and Emanuele Ferrari (European Commission, Spain)

Plenary Session 1
Chair:  Fabio Saneteramo (University of Foggia)

  • Food, Climate, Trade: Global Challenges and their Implications in the Food Policy Debate
    Tassos Haniotis (AGRI – European Commission)
  • The Good and the Bad: Agricultural Trade and Climate Change
    Timothy Searchinger (Princeton University)

Plenary Session 2
Chair: Koen Mondelaers (European Commission)

Lee Ann Jackson (World Trade Organization)

Joseph Wozniak (International Trade Centre)

Borja Lafuente Sanz (Danone)

Plenary Session 3
Chair:  Genovese Giampiero (European Commission)

  • Adaptation and Mitigation Proposals: Legal Challenges
    Michael Obersteiner (International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis)

Non-Theme Presentations
Organizer: Fabio Santeramo (University of Foggia, Italy)

Session 1 – Trade Measures
Chair/Discussant:  Ian Sheldon (Ohio State University)

  • New Estimates on the Trade Impacts of SPS Measures: Evidence from Specific Trade Concerns
    Jason Grant (Virginia Tech)
  • On the Trade Effects of SPS and RTAs
    Fabio Santeramo (University of Foggia)
  • Retaliatory Use of Public Standards in Trade
    Aleks Schaefer (University of London)
  • Relationship Between the Rapid Rise of E-Commerce and E-Procurement in Developing Regions and International Agrifood Trade
    Thomas Reardon and Titus Awokuse (Michigan State University)

Session 2 – Environmental Issues
Chair/Discussant:  Dragan Miljkovic (North Dakota State University)

  • Marginal Abatement Cost: Evaluation of Feed Diet Improvements of Dairy Cattle for a Brazilian Typical Farm
    Silvia Miranda (University of São Paulo)
  • Evaluation of the Brazilian Anthropogenic Emissions: A Look at the Cattle Sector
    Silvia Miranda (University of São Paulo)
  • Identifying the Determinants of Land Use under Beans by Colombian Farmers
    H. Botero

Session 3 – General Equilibrium Models
Chair/Discussant:  Gal Hochman (Rutgers University)

  • Impacts of Agricultural Subsidy Reform on Economic Welfare, Environment and Health
    Florian Freund (Thuenen Institut)
  • Comparing Economic and Crop Models: The Case of Climatic and Agricultural Impacts of Nuclear War
    Gal Hochman (Rutgers University)
  • How Agricultural Trade Can Help to Mitigate Climate Change Risks to Food Availability
    Olexandr Nekhay (Universidad Loyola Andalucia)

Session 4 – Climate Change
Chair/Discussant:  Fabio Santeramo (University of Foggia)

  • Climate Change and Migration: Is Agriculture the Main Channel?
    Alessandro Olper (University of Milano)
  • Modelling Bottom-Up End-of-Pipe Abatement Technologies in a Large-Scale Model: What Impact Does It Have on Agricultural Trade?
    M. Weitzel (Toon Vandyck – European Commission)
  • Climate Change Mitigation Potentials in the Agricultural Sector
    Marcel Adenäuer (OECD)

Session 5 – Resource Economics
Chair/Discussant:  H. de Giovanni

  • Conserving Forest Resources using Forest Raw Material Export Bans: The Complex Intersection of Environment and Trade Policy
    Richard Barichello (University of British Columbia)
  • Border Carbon Adjustments on Agricultural Emissions: Impacts and Efficiency to Reduce Carbon Leakage
    Fredrik Wilhelmsson (Lund University)
  • The Economic Effects of Public Stockholding Policies for Rice in Asia
    Annelies Deuss (OECD)

Session 6 – EU Policies
Chair/Discussant: Shon Ferguson (IFN Stockholm)

  • On the Duration of the EU Agri-Food Trade
    Imre Ferto (MTA KRTK)
  • Decoupling and Greenhouse Gas Emission in CGE Models: Does Parametrisation Matter?
    Pierre Boulanger (European Commission)
  • Competition in Competing Value Chains
    Steve McCorriston (University of Exeter)
  • From Mass to Class – The Bioeconomy as Concept for Resource-Efficient Biomass Trade
    Robert M’barek (European Commission)

Session 7 – Trade Measures
Chair/Discussant: A. Sanjuan

  • The Impact of Retaliatory Tariffs on Agricultural Trade
    Shawn Arita, USDA Office of Chief Economist
  • Environmental Protection in the International Agenda: Opportunity or Threat to Agricultural Trade?
    M. Kim
  • Trade and Price Effect of Non-Tariffs Measures in Fruits Trade
    J. Peci
  • China’s Grain Reserves, Price Support and Import Policies: Examining the Medium-Term Market Impacts of Alternative Scenarios
    A. Deuss

Session 8 – Equilibrium Models
Chair: P. Boulanger

  • Climate Change Effects: to Trade or Not to Trade?
    A. Aguiar
  • Assessing Market Stability Under Climate-Induced Production Shocks: Agricultural Trade and Storage as Adaptation Mechanisms
    E. Boere
  • Global Greenhouse Gas Taxes on Food Products: Economy-Wide, Environmental, and Dietary Implications
    M. Chepeliev
  • International Trade – a True Adaptation Mechanism to Risk of Hunger under Climate Change?
    C. Janssens

Session 9 – Development Issues
Chair/Discussant:  K. Mondelaers

  • Global Determinants of Carbon Dioxide Emissions: Are all Countries Equal?
    S. Jimenez
  • International Risk Sharing for Food Staples
    B. Ramaswami
  • Interrelations Between Trade, Climate Change and Food Safety
    T. Yrjolo

Session 10 – Organized Session on Agricultural Policy in Disarray
Chair/Discussant: Tassos Haniotis (European Commission)

V. Smith

R. Barichello

H. Lee

D. Sumner

Session 11 – Displacement Effects
Chair/Discussant:  Marcel Adenaeuer (OECD)

  • On the Impact of Climate Change on Global Agri-Food Trade
    Fabio Santeramo (University of Foggia)
  • Impacts of Climate Change on Global Trade Patterns and Interlinkages Between Climate and Trade Policy in Agriculture
    A. Zimmerman
  • Brexit: Why did the ‘Chlorinated Chicken’ Cross the Road?
    Ian Sheldon (Ohio State University)

Session 12 – Sectoral Issues
Chair/Discussant: I Perez Dominguez

  • So Many Articles and So Few Comparisons: Standardizing Results from U.S. Farm Policy Decoupling Literature
    S. Gerlt
  • Climate Changes and New Trade Dynamics in Global Trade of Wine
    Fabio Santeramo (University of Foggia)
  • Halving Mineral Nitrogen in European Agriculture: Insights from Multi-Scale Land-Use Models
    R. Chakir

Session 13 – Macroeconomic Issues
Chair/Discussant:  E. Ferrari

  • Impacts of Agricultural Support on Global Greenhouse Gas Emissions
    David LaBorde (IFPRI)
  • Optimized Diet and Imports Dependence in Tunisia
    S. Drogue
  • Economy-Wide and Trade Impacts of Long-Term Climate Policy
    T. Vandyck

Session 14 – Methodological Issues
Chair/Discussant:  M. Himics

  • Import Demand Elasticities Based on Quantity Data: Theory, Evidence and Implications for the Gains from Trade
    Shon Ferguson
  • Changing Preferences and Imported Beer in China: Assessing Structural Change in Habit Formation, Expenditure Allocation, and Price Responsiveness
    Andrew Muhammad (University of Tennessee)
  • Choosing Between Hail Insurance and Anti-Hail Nets: A Simple Model and a Simulation among Apple Producers in South Tyrol
    M. Rogna

Session 15 – Land Use Policy
Chair/Discussant: Robert M’barek

  • The Importance of Technologies to Effectively Reduce Agricultural GHG Emissions and Avoid Emission Leakage in a Global Context
    I. Perez Dominguez
  • Trading More Food in the Context of High-End Climate Change: Implications for Cropland Dynamics and Food Prices
    X. Wang
  • Novel Approaches for Accounting and Monitoring Carbon Sequestration and the Socioeconomic Impacts of Tree Crops in Southern Europe
    A. Mimis