Organizers: Fabio Santeramo (University of Foggia)

The International Agricultural Trade Research Consortium  gratefully acknowledges the continuing support of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, the USDA Economic Research Service, the USDA Foreign Agricultural Service, and the USDA Office of the Chief Economist.

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Theme Day Presentations
“Trade and Environmental Policies: Synergies and Rivalries”
Theme Day Organizer: Fabio Santeramo (University of Foggia)

Theme Day Summary

Non-Theme Day Paper Presentations
Organizer:  Jonathan Coleman (U.S. International Trade Commission)

Session 01 Effects of COVID on Agricultural Trade
Moderator:  John Beghin (University of Nebraska)

Session 02 Global Value Chains in Agriculture
Moderator: Bernard Cantin (Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada)

Timothy Josling: Tribute and Remembrance – Contributions of Timothy Josling to Agricultural Trade Analysis and Policymaking
Moderator: David Orden (Virginia Tech)

Session 03 New Estimates of Agricultural Trade Elasticities: Evidence from USDA’s Elasticity Project
Organizers: Jason Grant (Virginia Tech), Keithly Jones (USDA, Foreign Agricultural Service), Shawn Arita (USDA, Office of Chief Economist)
Moderator: Keithly Jones (USDA, Foreign Agricultural Service)

Session 04 Aspects of Agricultural Marketing and Competitiveness
Moderator: Titus Awokuse (Michigan State University)

  • New Plant Engineering Techniques, R&D Investment, and International Trade
    Stephan Marette (University of Paris-Saclay), Anne-Celia Disdier (Paris School of Economics), Anastasia Bodnar (USDA, Office of Chief Economist), and John Beghin (University of Nebraska)
  • Competitive Performance of Canadian Agri-Food Exports to China and India in the New Millenium: A Comparative Analysis
    Rakhal Sarker (University of Guelph)
  • Income Similarity and Foreign Direct Investment in the Food and Beverage Industry
    Dongin Kim and Sandro Steinbach (University of Connecticut)

Session 05 Effects of WTO Rules on Agriculture
Moderator: Lars Brink (Independent Advisor)

Session 06 China’s Agricultural Trade Beyond the Phase One Trade Deal
Organizers:  Shawn Arita, Sharon Sydow (USDA, Office of Chief Economist), and Jason Grant (Virginia Tech)
Moderator:  LeeAnn Jackson (OECD, Paris)
Discussant:  Sharon Sydow (USDA, Office of Chief Economist)

Session 07 Impacts of SPS Issues and Agricultural Trade
Moderator: Matias Margulis (University of British Columbia)

Session 08 IATRC Commissioned Papers – Results and Findings
Moderator: Andrew Muhammad (University of Tennessee)

Session 09 Environmental Policies and Trade
Moderator: Fabio Santeramo (University of Foggia)

  • On the Trade Effects of Environmentally Related Technical Measures
    Fabio Santeramo, Emilia Lamonaca (University of Foggia), and Charlotte Emlinger (Virginia Tech)
  • The Impact of China’s Environmental and Trade Policies on Global Waste Markets
    Sandro Steinbach and Xiting Zhuang (University of Connecticut)
  • Border Carbon Adjustments: Should Production of Consumption be Taxed?
    Will Martin (International Food Policy Research Institute)

Session 10 Role of Transportation in Agriculture
Organizer and Moderator: Lynn Kennedy (Louisiana State University)

  • Roads, Trade, and Development: Evidence from the Agricultural Boom in Brazil
    Xi He, Guillherme DePaula, and Wendong Zhang (Iowa State University)
  • Agricultural Trade and Product Quality: Evidence from Modes of Transport
    Dela-Dem Doe Fiankor (Agroscope, Switzerland), Bernhard Dalheimer (University of Goettingen), Daniele Curzi (University of Milan) and Bernard Bruemmer (University of Goettingen)
  • Maritime Transportation Costs in the Grains and Oilseeds Sector
    Annelies Deuss (OECD, Paris)