Date/Location Theme Day Topic
December 09-11
San Diego, California

2012 IATRC Annual Meeting

New Rules of Trade?

Theme day organizers: John Wainio (ERS, USDA), Jason Grant (Virginia Polytech Inst & State Univ), and Tassos Haniotis (European Commission) Non-Theme Day Organizer: Danny Pick (ERS, USDA)

December 11-13
St. Petersburg, Florida

2011 IATRC Annual Meeting

Agricultural Price Volatility, Trade Policy and Food Security in Developing Countries

Theme day organizers: Theme Day Organizer: Will Martin, The World Bank Non-Theme Day Organizer: P. Lynn Kennedy, Louisiana State University

December 12-14
Berkeley, California

2010 IATRC Annual Meeting

Trade in Agriculture: So Much Done, So Much More to Do

Theme day organizers: Organizer: Munisamy Gopinath 30th Anniversary Organizing Committee: Alex McCalla, Chair, Laura Bipes, Lars Brink, Donna Roberts and Ian Sheldon Proceedings Issue Alex F. McCalla, Ed Rossmiller, and Laura Bipes, eds.

December 13-15
Fort Myers, FL

2009 IATRC Annual Meeting

Private Standards and Non-Tariff Barriers: Measurement, Impacts and Legal Issues

Theme day organizers: Jo Swinnen and Thomas Heckelei

December 07-09
Scottsdale, AZ

2008 IATRC Annual Meeting

Biofuels, Agriculture and Trade

Theme day organizers: Organizers: Harry deGorter and Ian Sheldon

January 07-09
Washington, DC

2008 IATRC Annual Meeting

Labor Markets in a Global Economy

Theme day organizers: Phil Martin and Linda Young

December 03-05
St. Petersburg, FL

2006 IATRC Annual Meeting

From Farm to Port: The Export Decision in Agricultural and Food Industries

Theme day organizers: Munisamy Gopinath

December 04-06
San Diego, CA

2005 IATRC Annual Meeting

Modeling Food and Agricultural Markets

Theme day organizers: David Abler

December 05-07
St. Petersburg, FL

2004 IATRC Annual Meeting

The Use of Economics in Trade Negotiations and Disputes

Theme day organizers: Tim Josling

December 14-16
San Antonio, TX

2003 IATRC Annual Meeting

Market Structure, Competition, and International Trade

Theme day organizers: Ian Sheldon