Date/Location Theme Day Topic
December 12-14
New Orleans, LA

1991 IATRC Annual Meeting

Applied General Equilibrium Analysis of International Trade

Theme day organizers: Thomas Hertel and James Ross

December 16-18
San Diego, CA

1990 IATRC Annual Meeting

Public Goods in International Trade, Food Quality and Environmental Regulation

Theme day organizers: Mathew Shane, Harald von Witzke and Don Mclatchy

December 14-16
Clearwater, FL

1989 IATRC Annual Meeting

Data and Information Issue for the Agricultural Trade Researcher

Theme day organizers: Bill Kost

December 14-16
San Antonio, TX

1988 IATRC Annual Meeting

International Finance

Theme day organizers: Thomas Grennes, David Orden and Karl Meilke

December 14-16
Airlie House, VA

1987 IATRC Annual Meeting

The Political Economy of Agricultural Trade

December 15-17
CIMMYT, Mexico City, Mexic

1986 IATRC Annual Meeting

Trade and Development

Theme day organizers: James Longmire

December 16-18
Vancouver, BC, Canada

1985 IATRC Annual Meeting

Modeling Agricultural Trade

Theme day organizers: Richard Barichello

December 17-18
Asilomar, CA

1984 IATRC Annual Meeting

U.S. Trade Relations with Canada, Mexico, and the EC: The 1985 Farm Bill

August 01-04
Wye Woods, MD

1984 IATRC Annual Meeting

OECD Mandate and U.S. Trade Relations Task Force

December 15-17
Rio Rico, AZ

1983 IATRC Annual Meeting

Debt, Trade, and Payments Issues in Developing Countries and U.S.-Mexican Economic Interdependencies