Date/Location Symposium Topic
June 28-29
Minneapolis, MN

1996 Symposia

Global Markets for Processed Foods: Theoretical and Practical Issues

Organizers: (co-sponsored by The Retail Food Industry Center at the University of Minnesota)

June 07-09
San Jose, Costa Rica

1995 Symposia

Economic Integration in the Western Hemisphere

Organizers: (co-sponsored by the International Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture)

June 17-18
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

1994 Symposia

Agricultural Trade and the Environment: Understanding and Measuring the Critical Linkages

Organizers: (with financial support from The Environmental and Natural Resources Policy and Training Project funded by U.S.A.I.D., and from the Center for International Food and Agricultural Policy at the University of Minnesota)

June 20-23
Calabria, Italy

1993 Symposia

New Dimensions in North American-European Agricultural Trade Relations

Organizers: (co-sponsored with the University of Calabria, Italy, University of California-Davis, USDA/ERS, and National Research Council)

August 07-08
Annapolis, MD

1992 Symposia

Competitiveness in International Food Markets

August 01-02
Honolulu, HI

1990 Symposia

Agriculture and Trade in the Pacific: Toward the 21st Century

Organizers: (with financial support from the University of Hawaii)

July 07-08
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

1989 Symposia

New Developments in Trade Theory: Implications for Agricultural Trade Research

August 19-20
Annapolis, MD

1988 Symposia

Bringing Agriculture Into the GATT

July 31-01
Dearborn, MI

1987 Symposia

Elasticities in International Agricultural Trade

July 23-26
Tahoe City, CA

1986 Symposia

Agriculture, Macroeconomics, and the Exchange Rate