The IATRC is actively involved in the dissemination of research results through the publication of Trade Issues Papers and Commissioned Papers; Conference Proceedings Issues; Working Papers; and Policy Briefs. Individual papers from recent meetings can also be downloaded from the Activities/Annual Meetings or from the Activities/Symposia menus.

Trade Issues Papers and Commissioned Papers provide targeted and timely analysis of an issue affecting agricultural trade to inform policy formulation and public debate. Earlier “Commissioned Papers” dated from 1988 through 1991. “Trade Issue Papers” date from 2005 to the present. The IATRC Executive Committee chooses a special task force to prepare each study appearing in these two series.

Proceedings Issues feature invited papers and selected contributed papers presented at IATRC annual general meetings and public symposia. They may be published as books by leading scientific publishing houses, special issues in scholarly journals, or as IATRC e-books.

The Working Paper Series provides members an opportunity to circulate work at the advanced draft stage within the research and analysis community. While working papers are checked for relevance to the objectives of the IATRC, responsibility for the accuracy of the data, research methods or validity of the conclusions presented by working papers rests with the authors.

The Policy Briefs make IATRC research results available to all those in a position to apply or use them, as well as to media representatives who translate and disseminate research findings to a broader audience.

Recent Publications

Trade Impacts of Agricultural Support in the EU

This paper aims at providing an overview of the most relevant trade issues raised by the current agricultural domestic and trade policies of the European Union (EU) and at drawing policy implications for the future of the Common Agriculture Policy (CAP) and for international trade negotiations. The focus of the paper is the period after […]