Conference Proceedings have been published as books by commercial or scholarly publishers, special issues in scholarly journals, or e-books.

Publication Date Annual Meeting and Symposium Proceedings Meeting

Standards and Non-Tariff Barriers in Trade

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December 2009
Fort Myers, FL

Trade in Agriculture: Much Done, So Much More to Do

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IATRC Proceedings Issue
December 2010
Berkeley, CA

Globalization and the Rural-Urban Divide

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Seoul, Korea: Seoul National University Press
June–July 2008
Seoul, Korea

China’s Agricultural Trade: Issue and Prospects

Sheldon, I., ed.

IATRC Proceedings Issue
July 2007
Beijing, China

Food Regulation and Trade: Institutional Framework, Concepts of Analysis and Empirical Evidence

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Bonn, Germany

Policy Reform and Adjustment in the Agricultural Sectors of Developed Countries

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Philadelphia, PA

Agricultural Policy Reform and WTO: Where Are We Heading

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Developing Countries and the World Trade Organization Negotiations

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Global Food Trade and Consumer Demand for Quality

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Montreal, Quebec, Canada