Publication Date Annual Meeting and Symposium Proceedings Meeting

Policy Reform, Market Stability, and Food Security

Paarlberg, R. and T.L. Roe, eds.

IATRC Proceedings Issue Also: Policy Reform, Market Stability and Food Security Terry L. Roe, ed., June 2002, Special Issue of Food Policy Journal
June 1998
Alexandria, VA

Economic Transition in Central and East Europe, and the Former Soviet Union: Implications for International Agricultural Trade

Von Witzke, H. and S. Tangermann, eds.

IATRC Proceedings Issue
June 1998
Berlin, Germany

Global Markets for Processed Foods: Theoretical and Practical Issues

Pick, D., J. Kinsey, D. Henderson, and I. Sheldon, eds.

Boulder, CO: Westview Press
June 1996
Minneapolis, MN

Economic Integration in the Western Hemisphere

Valdes, C., and T. Roe, eds.

IATRC Proceedings Issue
June 1995
San Jose, Costa Rica

Understanding Administered Barriers to Trade

Orden, D., and D. Roberts, eds.

IATRC Proceedings Issue
December 1995
Tucson, AZ

Implications of New Growth Theory to Agricultural Research and Policy

Roe, T., ed.

IATRC Proceedings Issue
December 1996
Washington, DC

Agriculture Trade and the Environment: Discovering and Measuring the Critical Linkages

Bredahl, M.E., N. Ballenger, J.C. Dunmore and T. Roe, eds.

Boulder, CO: Westview Press
June 1994
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Agricultural Trade Conflicts and GATT

Anania, G., C.A. Carter and A.F. McCalla, eds.

Boulder, CO: Westview Press
June 1993
Calabria, Italy

Competitiveness in International Food Markets

Bredahl, M., P. Abbott, and M. Reed, eds.

Boulder, CO: Westview Press
August 1992
Annapolis, MD

NAFTA and Agriculture: Will the Experiment Work?

Williams, G.W., and T. Grennes, eds.

College Station Texas: Center for North American Studies
December 1993
San Diego, CA