Title: China’s Agricultural Trade: Issue and Prospects
Published in: Proceedings Issues
Editors: Sheldon, I., ed.
Year: 2009
Meeting Date: July 2007
Meeting Location: Beijing, China
Publication Details: IATRC Proceedings Issue

China’s Agricultural Trade: Issues and Prospects Symposium
Ian Sheldon, ed, November 2009

In July 2007, at an international symposium organized by the International Agricultural Trade Research Consortium (IATRC), economists, business professionals and government officials met in Beijing for two days to discuss the issues and prospects concerning China’s agricultural trade.  China’s influence in global agricultural markets has grown substantially and will continue to grow as the country develops and incomes rise.  The IATRC conference in Beijing provided a forum for experts in the field to share their insight into the current trends in China’s agricultural trade, as well as focusing on other key issues that directly or indirectly impact agricultural trade.  As key economic drivers of agricultural production and trade, the participants discussed China’s macroeconomic conditions, exchange rates, rural development and environmental issues, among others.  The chapters included in these proceedings provide a cross-section of many of the major issues and findings from several of the invited and contributed papers presented at the symposium.