Title: Economic Integration in the Western Hemisphere
Published in: Proceedings Issues
Editors: Valdes, C., and T. Roe, eds.
Year: 1997
Meeting Date: June 1995
Meeting Location: San Jose, Costa Rica
Publication Details: IATRC Proceedings Issue

Economic Integration in the Western Hemisphere
Constanza Valdés and Terry Roe, eds., April 1997

This volume includes proceedings from an IATRC symposium, held June 7-9, 1995 in San José, Costa Rica. The purpose of the conference was to provide a better understanding of the hurdles to, and likely impacts of, trade agreements among Western Hemisphere countries. From a historical perspective, countries in the hemisphere are engaging in massive realignments of their trade regimes as evidenced by the Uruguay Round Agreement. The conclusion of the North American Free Trade Agreement and, importantly, the fundamental economic reforms undertaken by many Latin American countries. Many countries in the region view economic integration as an important step towards global competition, and a priority within the framework of market-oriented reforms. Most of the conference papers focus on agriculture since it is an imported traded goods sector in most of these economies, and since agriculture was a major hurdle to concluding the Uruguay Round and NAFTA.