Organizers: Wyatt W. Thompson (University of Missouri)

IATRC International Track Session
at the AAEA Meetings

2012 Annual Meetings of the Agricultural and Applied Economics Association (AAEA)

August 12-14, 2012
Seattle, Washington

“Emerging Markets and Agricultural Trade”
Organizer: Wyatt W. Thompson (University of Missouri)


Analysis of Food Consumption Patterns in Developing and Emerging Markets (pdf)
Andrew Muhammad, USDA-Economic Research Service
James L. Seale, Jr., University of Florida
Birgit G. Meade, USDA, Economic Research Service
Anita Regmi, USDA, Economic Research Service

How Goods Move: Coordination Between Farmers, Manufacturers, Traders, and Other Agents in Emerging Markets (pdf)
Athur Mabiso, International Food Policy Research Institute
Dave D. Weatherspoon, Michigan State University

How Domestic Agricultural and Trade Policies Influence Agricultural Trade in Emerging Markets: The Case of China (pdf)
Wusheng Yu, University of Copenhagen

Bilateralism and Multilateralism in International Trade and the Emerging Markets (pdf)
David Blandford, Pennsylvania State University