Organizers: Ian Sheldon (The Ohio State University), Kari Heerman (Office of U.S. Trade Representative) and Jason Grant (Virginia Tech)

The International Agricultural Trade Research Consortium  gratefully acknowledges the continuing support of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, the USDA Economic Research Service, the USDA Foreign Agricultural Service, and the USDA Office of the Chief Economist.  We also appreciate additional funding support from the Andersons Program in International Trade at Ohio State University and Virginia Tech.

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Theme Day Presentations: “Recent Advances in Applied General Equilibrium Modeling: Relevance and Application to Agricultural Trade Analysis”

Theme Day Organizers: Ian Sheldon (Ohio State University), Jason Grant (Virginia Tech), and Kari Heerman (Office of U.S. Trade Representative)

Theme Day Summary

Non-Theme Day Paper Presentations
Organizer:  Jonathan Coleman, U.S. International Trade Commission

Session 01 Climate Change and Trade
Moderator:  Rick Barichello (University of British Columbia)

Session 02 Analysis of U.S. – China Trade Tension
Moderator: Sharon Sydow (USDA Office of the Chief Economist)

Session 03 Price Relationships in Agricultural Markets
Moderator: William Powers (U.S. International Trade Commission)

Session 04 Effects of Market and Regional Integration on Trade
Moderator: Dragan Miljkovic (North Dakota State University)

Session 05 Application of Partial Equilibrium Models to Trade Policy Analysis
Moderator: Lia Nogueira (University of Nebraska)

Session 06 Current Developments in Trade-Related SPS Issues: Questions Policymakers are Asking and Ways to Answer Them
Organizer: Joanna Bonarriva (U.S. International Trade Commission)

Session 07 Effects of Policy Intervention on Trade
Moderator: Erwin Corong (Purdue University)

Session 08 Economic Impacts of the 2018/19 Trade War – A One Year Ex-Post Assessment
Organizers: Jason Grant (Virginia Tech) and Shawn Arita (USDA Office of Chief Economist)
Moderator: Rob Johansson (USDA Office of Chief Economist)
Discussant: Lee Ann Jackson (WTO)

Session 09 Domestic and Trade Policy in Agriculture
Moderator: Bernard Cantin (Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada)

Session 10 IATRC Commissioned Papers – Results and Findings
Organizer and Moderator: Andrew Muhammad (University of Tennessee)

Session 11 International Trade in Disarray: A Watershed Moment?
Organizer: William Meyers (University of Missouri)
Moderator: Shawn Arita (USDA Office of Chief Economist)
Discussant: Seth Meyer (University of Missouri)

Session 12 GE Model Application to Agricultural Trade and Policy Analysis
Moderator: Ivan Duric (IAMO, Germany)

Session 13 Machine Learning in Agricultural Trade and Policy Settings
Organizers: Munisamy Gopinath (University of Georgia), Kathy Baylis (University of Illinois), and Thomas Heckelei (University of Bonn)
Moderator: Cynthia Nickerson (USDA Economic Research Service)
Discussant: Mateusz Filipski (University of Georgia)

Session 14 Digital Platforms to Forecast and Facilitate International Markets and Trade
Organizer and Moderator: William Meyers (University of Missouri)
Discussant: Joe Glauber (IFPRI)

Session 15 Effects of Non-Tariff Measures on Trade
Moderator: Karine Latouche (INRA, France)

Session 16 Analysis of Agricultural Consumption and Trade
Moderator: Silvia Miranda (University of Sao Paulo)

  • Consumption Pattern and Trade Ties
    Anupa Sharma (North Dakota State University)
  • Assessing U.S. Beer Consumption and Health Attitudes
    Thomas Wahl (North Dakota State University) and James Seale, Jr. (University of Florida)
  • China’s Import Demand for Agricultural Products
    Robert Feenstra (University of California Davis) and Chang Hong (USDA Economic Research Service)
  • S. Competition for Southeast Asia Dairy Imports
    Christopher Davis and Jerry Cessna (USDA Economic Research Service)