Participation in activities of the IATRC provides members with the opportunity to influence improvement in the quality and relevance of international agricultural trade, engage in collaborative research with other members, interact among researchers and analysts in several countries, in universities and in government engaged in trade research and to improve their general understanding of international trade and trade policy issues.

In addition to participating in IATRC’s annual meetings and public symposia, members are encouraged to get involved by:

  • Submitting ideas for theme days and symposia,
  • Proposing ideas for new activities (e.g., workshops, forums, briefings, roundtables) and/or web content for IATRC, or for IATRC in partnership with other organizations,
  • Publishing working papers,
  • Organizing special sessions for annual meetings, or
  • Serving on the IATRC Executive Committee.

Membership Application

Criteria used by the Executive Committee in determining membership eligibility are:

  • employment by a university, business, government agency, or other institution engaged in international agricultural trade research or analysis;
  • active involvement in international agricultural trade research, or analysis or program management pertaining thereto;

Members’ employing institutions are expected to demonstrate support for the IATRC and their faculty or staff by providing financial support for attendance at the Consortium’s general meetings.

Application is made to the Chair of the IATRC and should contain the following information:

  • Letter of application to IATRC Chair
  • Resume

Applications may be submitted at any time during the year, and approved memberships will be acknowledged at the December business meeting.