Title: Policy Reform, Market Stability, and Food Security
Published in: Proceedings Issues
Editors: Paarlberg, R. and T.L. Roe, eds.
Year: 1999
Meeting Date: June 1998
Meeting Location: Alexandria, VA
Publication Details: IATRC Proceedings Issue Also: Policy Reform, Market Stability and Food Security Terry L. Roe, ed., June 2002, Special Issue of Food Policy Journal

Policy Reform, Market Stability, and Food Security; Proceedings of a Conference of the International Agricultural Trade Research Consortium
Robert Paarlberg and Terry L. Roe, eds., September 1999

This volume contains the main papers that were presented at an IATRC symposium which focused on Policy Reform, Market Stability, and Food Security. It was held June 26-27, 1998 in Alexandria, Virginia.  The symposium focused on the world market for food in an environment where many of the major food exporting countries are allowing market forces to increasingly influence producer incentives, an environment where public and private stocks of food grains are at all time lows, an environment characterized by the apparent decline in resources to provide food aid to impoverished nations, and an environment in which many nations seem increasingly vulnerable to world market shocks. Faced with the uncertainties this new environment presents, concern has surfaced that in spice of the commitments made by wealthy nations in the November 1996 World Food Summit, food deficit nations may reconsider their willingness to open their economies to world markets.