Title: Trade and Development – Proceedings of the Winter 1986 Meeting of the International Agricultural Trade Research Consortium
Published in: Proceedings Issues
Editors: Shane, M., ed.
Year: 1988
Meeting Date: December 1986
Meeting Location: CIMMYT, Mexico City, Mexico
Publication Details: Agriculture and Trade Analysis Division, Economic Research Service, USDA Staff Report #AGES870928

Trade and Development
Mathew D. Shane, ed., July 1988

Agriculture and Trade Division, Economic Research Service, USDA
Staff Report #AGES872908

This volume contains papers presented at the December 15-17, 1986 meeting of the IATRC. It was held at the Headquarters of the International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center (CIMMYT) in Texcoco outside of Mexico City.  The theme of the meeting was the relationship between trade and development. This issue is currently being hotly debated and at its core is the underlying rationale for stimulating development efforts in Third World countries. The objective of the meeting was to focus on issues relating to trade and development in both a broad and narrow context.