Title: Understanding Administered Barriers to Trade
Published in: Proceedings Issues
Editors: Orden, D., and D. Roberts, eds.
Year: 1997
Meeting Date: December 1995
Meeting Location: Tucson, AZ
Publication Details: IATRC Proceedings Issue

Understanding Technical Barriers to Agricultural Trade
David Orden and Donna Roberts, eds., January, 1997

This volume contains the main papers presented at an IATRC annual meeting. The theme day focused on Understanding Technical Barriers to Trade, and was held December 14-16, 1995 in Tucson, AZ.  Technical barriers affecting agriculture are emerging at the center of international commercial disputes with increased frequency. These barriers includes sanitary and phytosanitary regulations and other measures which establish rules for quality, packaging, labeling, standards of identity, and conformity assessment. Their new prominence is due in part to growing worldwide demand for enhanced food safety, and for an environment that is protected from pests and diseases. Expanded international trade in processed food products, on which technical regulations are often applied, also contributes to their heightened visibility. Moreover, the recent Agreement on Agriculture of he World Trade Organization, has increased the relative, and perhaps the absolute, importance of technical barriers by reducing tariffs and disciplining nontariff quantitative limits on agricultural trade.